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So a long, long time ago (okay, three years), in a galaxy far, far away (well…Wattpad) I put up the first chapter of a manuscript I loved an awful lot, but which I thought had no chance in hell of being traditionally published.BetweenHereAndGone_coverLARGE

I had no real audience or platform, and the genre wasn’t one that lent itself well to self-publishing so that wasn’t a viable option. But I was tired of having stories I knew were good sitting under my metaphorical bed. I’d seen other already-published authors use Wattpad to share excerpts or stories they loved with their readers as well as just starting out authors use Wattpad as a sort of informal publishing platform, so I figured, “Why not?”

I also figured maybe about sixteen people would read it, but hey—that’s sixteen more people than who would have seen it had it stayed safely tucked away on my hard drive.

I posted a chapter a day for the next month. Slowly, readers started finding it. And by the time all was said and done, BETWEEN HERE AND GONE had nearly 300,000 views. Paltry by some genre standards, but for a sort of women’s fiction/coming-of-age/culturally specific/mid-century modern set story? Might as well have been an entire universe.

I’m pretty much of the opinion that having the story up on Wattpad and having all those views is what ultimately brought BH&G to the attention of Diversion Books. (Well, that and an agent who just will not give up, bless her stubborn heart.)

And now, on January 12th, 2016, BETWEEN HERE AND GONE will be published, with its beautiful new cover. But in the meantime, we’re going back to our roots as it were, and with my publisher’s blessings, I’ve posted the edited first chapter—which is now the Prologue and I can hear Jenny Crusie swearing at me from Ohio. (Sorry, Jenny—that was one edict that needed to be broken.)

To get to the Prologue, you can either click on the cover (SHINY!) or Right Here.

Just a few random observations on Between Here & Gone noted this morning:

I’ve received more reviews and “votes” (1228) which, let’s equate them to ratings on amazon or Goodreads, and “comments” i.e. reviews (104)  than I’ve ever received on any of my traditionally published novels. Hell, I think on all three combined. Including the negative/lukewarm reviews because yanno, Goodreads—where not reading the back cover copy and realizing you’ve bought a book featuring a love triangle when you hate reading love triangles is cause to give the book a one-star review. (I’m so not kidding about that.)

Even if I only look at the stats for Chapter Thirty (89 votes & 27 comments) they amount to more than I’ve gotten on any single novel.

And this isn’t even taking into account the comments left on my profile, which generally tend to refer back to BH&G as well.

I’m not trying to make any specific point here, other than idle curiosity. But I do find it interesting that more people found the book once it was listed as a feature title—a little thing, really, but it was giving the book a little piece of spotlight that seemed to bring it to readers’ attention. Maybe a lesson there for traditional publishers?

All right then, carrying on.



So, some of you may have noticed (probably more of you have not) that for the past two weeks, I’ve been Up To Something. That something being I’ve taken a manuscript of mine, Between Here & Gone that is complete and have been putting up, chapter by chapter on Wattpad. Why?

The easy answer is, why not?

The harder answer is, as you might guess, a bit more complicated. Let me see if I can bullet point this into something that makes some sense.

  1. As I said, the manuscript is complete. *waits to hear cries of “But Barb, don’t you want to sell it?* Well, d’uh, of course I’d love to sell the thing. But it’s one of Those Manuscripts. The kind that has no real definition in terms of genre. It’s not YA or New Adult or romance or literary or… I mean, the closest you could come to calling it is maybe a commercial women’s fiction, but it’s not contemporary. It’s set squarely in the 1960s and it’s a bit of a coming-of-age story and…Well… you see what I mean about undefinable? This is the sort of manuscript that’s difficult to sell, especially when you don’t have a track record in said undefinable genre. And aren’t Nicholas Sparks (not that I’m bitter or anything…). It’s the sort of thing that because I don’t have an established audience, I suspect would make it difficult to self-publish, especially with my self-admitted suckagetude at self-pimpery. Y’all know how very, very bad I am at promo. Even this blog post is taxing my ability to jump up and down and say, “Heeeeeeyyyyyyy!! Look at meeeeeeeeeee!!! Pay attention to meeeeeeeeeee!!!! Love meeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  2. Another reason is because among my work, not just the YA, but the adult stories—let’s call it eleven completed manuscripts and probably a half dozen more in various stages of completion—this manuscript stands alone as its own beast. By which I mean it’s completely unlike anything I’ve written before and it’s unlike anything on which I’m currently working. Something else that makes it a harder conventional sell.
  3. It’s a safe experiment. There are those who would say it’s a risk—what if the story’s not as good as I think it is or if I turn off readers or… Screw it. No risk, no reward, right? I’m tired of being a coward, y’all. I write. I want to show that I’m not just a one-trick pony. I can write something other than multicultural YA and if publishing won’t give me the opportunity to show that right now, then it’s up to me to show off what I’m capable of.
  4.  I like this damned story. A lot. I’d love to know if other people like it as well. And being one who lives in her writing cave most of the time, it’s a way by which to get some immediate feedback. Okay, admittedly, I haven’t gotten a lot yet, but still, it’s feedback I didn’t have before.
  5.  But perhaps most importantly, I’m doing this because I’m a storyteller. I had this story I wanted to tell and so I did and now I want to share it.

Is it the best novel I’ve ever written? I have no measure by which to decide, really. I certainly think there are elements that are among the best I’ve written. There are probably places it could be better, but I could say that about everything I’ve ever written, published or not. Maybe even especially the published works.

What it comes down to is I really, really like this story and I wanted to share it. I chose Wattpad as my “publishing” platform, even though I’m not necessarily the site’s target demographic or write in what’s considered a popular genre for the site, because it’s basically idiot-proof. It’s a glorified blog with the novelization formatting built in, which makes it an easy task for me to post the chapters so it doesn’t wind up feeling like a chore or obligation. It’s fun. The most work I did was putting together a cover which, if I do say so myself, I think I did a reasonably nice job on.

So there you have it. Complete story. A 100K word book up for free. There’s drama and adventure and self-actualization and romance and more drama all set around the turbulence of the mid-1960s.

Between Here & Gone

Between Here & Gone

In 1959 Cuba, seventeen-year-old Natalia San Martín was nothing short of a princess, sheltered, pampered, and courted by her very own prince, a childhood friend turned lifelong love. She and Nicolas made grand plans to study abroad and travel the world, secure in the knowledge their tropical paradise—the home they loved above all others—would always be there for them. All that changed on the fateful New Year’s Eve when Fidel Castro and his followers seized control of the island, with tragic consequences for not only the island, but for Natalia herself.

Five years later, it’s the fall of 1964—the U.S. is a country hovering on a precipice of massive change. The halcyon days of the Kennedy Administration have begun fading into memory, as the ongoing Cold War, the escalating conflict in Vietnam, and racial unrest at home begin to erode the sense of purpose and innocence that had gripped the country for three short years.

None of which really matters much to Natalia. For her, purpose and innocence disappeared five years ago; these days, she merely suffers her new existence as Natalie Martin, firmly leaving her past where it belongs—until the moment it all catches up to her and forces her to face the choices she’s made.



Those of you who know me, know how difficult it is for me to pimp myself out, but here I am, donning the Purple Hat of Pimpitude: please, RT, share, babble, whatever floats your boat if you feel as if I’ve written something that maybe has/deserves an audience. I will forever love you (well, more than I already do) and if you’re really nice, I might even give you my firstborn.

Sorry, the apathy in blogging continues, although shockingly, I have been posting to FB & Twitter more frequently. I guess if it’s not about full on creative writing, my mind is only good for short bursts these days.

Anyhow, I do have some updates– I’m going to NYC next week for no fewer than three events (plus my mother will be flying up to meet me for a couple of days, oy!). So, if you’re in the ‘hood and interested, I’d love to see you.

In order:

2011 Teen Author Carnival

Monday, May 23, 2011
Time: 4pm-7pm
Admission: FREE!

Mulberry Street Library
10 Jersey Street
(Between Lafayette & Mulberry Streets)
New York, NY 10012-3332

I’ll be on a panel called, Teenage Angst: Getting It Right – The Emotions, The Voice, The Drama and just check out the list of authors who are also part of the panel.

Seriously, y’all. I’m plotzing.

1. David Levithan
2. Susane Colasanti
3. Melissa Walker
4. Kody Keplinger
5. Hannah Moskowitz
6. Gayle Forman
7. Torrey Maldonado

On Thursday I’ll be at Book Expo America signing at the Romance Writers of America booth from 9:30-10:00 AM.

And then Friday I’m at the Backspace Conference presenting on a YA panel there.

Saturday I fly home, fall down, go boom.

Please come see meeeeee!

Easily one of my favorite reviews so far! As of right now, I’ve only seen it on amazon, but I’m hoping they add it to their website and even the print publication. If it does make it into the print publication, I’m going to be prevailing on some kind SF-ista to pick up a few copies for me!

I especially love the Carmen comparison line. It’s something that hasn’t been mentioned quite enough– maybe I was too subtle with it? But give that there’s a slew of Carmen books at the moment, I wouldn’t mind STARS getting a little more press from that standpoint.

Anyhow, the review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A riveting tale of talent, determination, and love, March 2, 2011

By San Francisco Book Review (San Francisco) – See all my reviews

This review is from: When the Stars Go Blue: A Novel (Paperback)

Soledad, a talented and strong-willed Miami teenager with a Cuban heritage, is about to graduate from a competitive high school for performing arts. She has a promising professional dance career in front of her, and while she is deciding on what to do after graduation, a male classmate makes her an offer she cannot resist.

Caridad Ferrer gives an honest and intense portrayal of the often mind-altering experience of first love, and she shows us how first love can make the most determined and dedicated young woman question herself. In //When the Stars Go Blue//, Ferrer invites us into the passionate world of professional dancing, a world where even the strongest dedication of talented dancers cannot always conquer the physical demands of the profession.

This is a riveting young adult novel that puts a new twist on the classical story of Carmen. It will keep you reading until the end, as it is full of suspense and unexpected surprises. The Spanish dialogue scattered throughout the novel gives it a very authentic feel of the multicultural life in South Florida, and it also gives the reader a peek into Soledad’s connection to the Cuban community.

Reviewed by J Rodney

The first paragraph includes both the phrase “rocked my face off,” and the word “DRRRRRTY.” In all caps. Five Rs.

That’s hardcore, y’all. Seriously. I’ve never read a review that literally had me laughing my ass off the entire time. The fact that it’s for STARS is a happy bonus. *beams*

Go check it out and tell me if that isn’t one of the best reviews you’ve ever read.

Good Books and Good Wine

It’s because I’m constantly in motion while speaking. Especially my hands. But I stayed upright and coherent, from all reports.

Thank you again to Third Place Books for a fab signing and to Shelli Stevens for snapping the pic!

Happy Black Friday, my lovelies! For those of you wise enough to not be anywhere near the stores or who are in recovery from their l-tryptophan comas and would like nothing more than to just sit and surf the net, please consider making a stop today at the Borders True Romance Blog. I’m over there chatting about romance (natch) and young adult lit and why the two are like chocolate and peanut butter.

I’m also, because it’s the holiday season, giving away a signed copy of STARS. ‘Cause I’m good that way.

Please stop by and chat so I don’t feel like I’m adrift in a sea of Black Friday discount specials and doorbuster deals.

You won’t even have to get out of your jammies.

Or at least, a big box of shiny, bee-yoo-tee-ful books!

Remember how I said even the spine was beautiful? Check it:

OMG, y’all, it’s REAL.

Yeah, I never got around to it last week.

Um, whoops?

And I could post about the whole James Frey Fiction Play-Doh Factory or whatever the hell he’s calling it, but so many other people have blogged gorgeously about it that I’d be but a drop of water in a very large bucket. Let’s leave it as he’s a monumental cheeseweasel and nowhere near as relevant as he’d like to imagine he is. Cheeseweasel.

And we’re up to Friday nights, primetime, which, for shows I watch, well… there’s really nothing there. Friday tends to be my catch up night. For the next time Friday rolls around, I’ll take a look at shows I don’t watch.

However, the best I can do for this time around is shows I used to watch, once upon a time. Like CSI: NY and Supernatural. This was not such a hardship.

Let’s start with Supernatural. Jensen Ackles with a beard is an adorable thing. And I’m not much of a beard girl (yet I have two guys with them today– both gingery– go figure).

And from what I understand, poor Sam’s had it kind of rough lately, so Jared’s had to bulk up accordingly. Who knew the former stringbean had it in him? I could have easily chosen a far more beefcake-y shot, but something about this one just snagged my attention.

And I follow Misha Collins’ tweets on Twitter. He’s a gorgeously eccentric flake, isn’t he?

On to the CSI: NY guys. As much as I love my procedurals, this one never grabbed me quite as much as I’d hoped. Actually, I’ve given up on the CSI franchise as a whole (because Sara and Grissom just never, ever should have happened. I refuse to acknowledge its existence.)

However, I’ve loved Gary Sinese since the Lt. Dan days. And he continues to be an amazing actor and activist.

The rest of the cast is filled with pretty, like Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill, and Carmine Giovinazzo. (Oh, Carmine– he was totally one of the avatars for a character in Between Here & Gone. I suspect he could do vintage sixties verra well.)

And my personal favorite, AJ Buckley, who plays Adam Ross, a lab tech who is like Spencer Reid’s slightly more hip distant cousin. Irish-born, Canadian-raised, and absolutely adorkable. And the eyes… guh. No, I don’t have a type, not at all.

Starting tomorrow, we will be at T- ONE WEEK from release! Finally. Lots of cool stuff going to be happening. I feel like I’m going to be all over the web with various interviews, so I’ll be keeping those who might be interested updated. There will also be some fun giveaways, since I was lucky enough to score signed books from some exceptionally talented and fabulous authors, including Carrie Ryan, Heather Davis, Inara Scott, Tera Lynn Childs, Holly Cupala, and Eileen Cook.

(I may have others, but I’ll keep those under wraps until they’re set in stone. Translation, I need to trap them and get them to sign the darned books. Stay tuned…)


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