So this is where you’ll find nifty bits and bobs that don’t quite fit anywhere else.Things like music playlists that inspired my books or are inspiring current projects or that I just flat-out like. (There’s probably going to be a lot of that.) This is also probably where deleted scenes and snippets from works in progress will find a home, with appropriate commentary. And if I get brave enough to do any video posts about, well, anything, this is also where you’ll be likely to find it. Think of it sort of like a peek into that suitcase you hide under the bed. You know, the one that holds the stuff you have no specific use for but you just can’t bear to get rid of? Yeah. Like that.


  • The playlist that inspired STARS
  • A new playlist from my 1960s-set women’s fiction story, Between Here & Gone

    Deleted Scenes & Works in Progress

    Coming soon!