Welcome 2014…Welcome Back, Me.

For all that I blather on social media & talk about things that are important to me, I do tend to keep rather a lot to myself (seriously) especially if it means exposing my deepest desires. But with it being New Year’s and all, I figure I’ll let y’all in on one decision I made that’s incredibly important to me.

I came to the decision that this coming year, I’m not going to take on any writing projects simply for the sake of making a sale (a la the Harlequin novellas). I also have decided that for the foreseeable future, I will no longer be writing young adult literature. I enjoyed my time in that sandbox and I learned a lot, but it was always more… convenient and never where my heart truly lay. Frankly, the more time went on, the more it seemed it was impeding my ability to move into the genres in which I really wanted to be writing and the more my resentment against it grew. Not a good situation to be in, for a lot of reasons.

What has been an interesting by-product, however, is that the more time that has elapsed, the more the genres in which I want to be writing have evolved. Originally, I’d thought romantic women’s fiction was my niche, but as it turns out, looks like spec fiction is where my interests (and the Lizard Brain) are leading me. Still character-driven, because that really is where my strengths lie, but with a definite bent toward Other.

Go figure. Although I suppose it shouldn’t come as such a surprise, given the nature of the stories I gravitate toward in film and television. I guess I just thought I didn’t have the chops to pull it off. Not that romance or WF is easy—just the cadence and rhythm just came a little more naturally. With spec fic, I have to really push myself waaaaaay beyond my comfort zone. Luckily, I have a tribe more than willing to give me the occasional (or more than occasional) shove when necessary. (And feed me the good booze, also when necessary, because they’re lovely that way.)

The other by-product of this decision (and one of the best ones, as far as I’m concerned) is that I get to be “me” again. In other words, Caridad Ferrer gets to bite the dust, thank GOD. Like writing YA, Caridad Ferrer was never a persona I wanted to take on but rather, was required to for what are blatantly stupid reasons and as many of you know, has brought me pretty much nothing but grief in the long run. To be able to say sayanora to the bitch is frankly, a relief.

So… welcome 2014.

Welcome back, me.


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