New TV Season! WOOT!

Yeah, I’m a pop culture junkie and loves me some TV (and oy, are Monday nights going to be difficult!) But new TV is BACK. And I will freely admit to having watched with absolute relish (and a full squeezy can of Cheez-Whiz) the 2010 reboot of Hawaii Five-O. Dude, I’m a fan of police procedurals from way back and one of my favorites was the original Five-O. (Still wanna visit Hawaii something fierce.) So after watching Castle in real time last night, I eagerly switched to my Tivo’d recordings and boy, the minute that theme song got started, I was bopping and bouncing so much, my husband said I was making him seasick. To which I responded “Yo, it’s the best theme song EVAR!”

Would you believe he disagreed?

Shock! Perfidy!

I seriously wondered who this man was.

And when I asked him what his suggestion was, he didn’t have a definitive choice, although he did submit The Jetsons as a possibility. He’s not completely wrong there—Jetsons are a pretty iconic theme, but best EVAR? Hmm…

So I took it to Twitter.

What I found most fascinating was that it took quite a while before we had any repeats. Everyone, it seems, has their idea of what the best television theme song ever is. Also, tellingly, most are from the 60s and 70s. A few choices from the 80s and 90s, but nothing exceedingly current. I know a lot of shows have forsaken theme songs altogether, but are there really that few good themes out there?

So in the interest of trying to figure this out, I have created a poll with a lot of suggestions given forth via Twitter. And I’ve also kindly left room for write in suggestions because I’m good like that.

So have at it. Give me your Best TV Theme EVAR.

ETA: Fixed it!

And tonight: GLEE!

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