We’re at T -9 weeks…


So, we’re at T-9 weeks until the official release of When the Stars Go Blue and while part me is all, “Hey, that’s like, two months, dude,” the other part of me is starting to go into chicken without a head mode.

I’m making lists of things I need/should be doing and at the top is “Pimp yourself out, yo.”


This is where it gets hard for me. Mind you, I love doing interviews and blog posts and the like, I just have the hardest time putting myself out there and saying, “Hey, wanna talk to meeeeee?”

So… wanna talk to me?

Book bloggers, librarians, reviewers, fellow authors—if you would like me to come visit your blog, loop, or website for an interview or Q&A, I am available. The book releases on November 23 (i.e. the Tuesday before Black Friday), so let’s take that into account. But starting two weeks before that—November 9th—I’ll make myself available for all manner of public shenanigans.

Seriously, pass the word—I’d love to visit with y’all.

P.S. I’ll be creating a contact page for the website, hopefully in the next week or so, but you can reach me either by responding to this post or emailing me directly at barbaracaridadferrer@gmail.com

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