Meep! A 4-Star Review for STARS!

From the upcoming December issue of RT Book Reviews magazine!

All the pain, passion and consequences of first love, told from the heart of a bold, feisty heroine make this a hard-to-put-down read. Ferrer elegantly captures both the certainty and doubt of young love and combines it with the lessons of growing up and coping with change.

Soledad’s life revolves around dance. She spends every waking moment practicing or dreaming about spending her summer working in a studio and then auditioning in New York come fall. Then Jonathan Crandall, a talented musician who also attends the Biscayne High School for the Performing Arts, approaches her for the first time. He offers what seems like a crazy proposition: Would she spend the summer traveling and dancing with a competitive drum and bugle corps? Soledad agrees, and as the summer progresses her feelings for Jonathan grow, but there is also another guy competing for her attention. Tension builds until one terrifying, fateful night threatens to destroy their relationship — and their careers.

Now, isn’t that sweet!

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