Cabana Boys after a week’s hiatus, Friday edition+ some release week previews

Yeah, I never got around to it last week.

Um, whoops?

And I could post about the whole James Frey Fiction Play-Doh Factory or whatever the hell he’s calling it, but so many other people have blogged gorgeously about it that I’d be but a drop of water in a very large bucket. Let’s leave it as he’s a monumental cheeseweasel and nowhere near as relevant as he’d like to imagine he is. Cheeseweasel.

And we’re up to Friday nights, primetime, which, for shows I watch, well… there’s really nothing there. Friday tends to be my catch up night. For the next time Friday rolls around, I’ll take a look at shows I don’t watch.

However, the best I can do for this time around is shows I used to watch, once upon a time. Like CSI: NY and Supernatural. This was not such a hardship.

Let’s start with Supernatural. Jensen Ackles with a beard is an adorable thing. And I’m not much of a beard girl (yet I have two guys with them today– both gingery– go figure).

And from what I understand, poor Sam’s had it kind of rough lately, so Jared’s had to bulk up accordingly. Who knew the former stringbean had it in him? I could have easily chosen a far more beefcake-y shot, but something about this one just snagged my attention.

And I follow Misha Collins’ tweets on Twitter. He’s a gorgeously eccentric flake, isn’t he?

On to the CSI: NY guys. As much as I love my procedurals, this one never grabbed me quite as much as I’d hoped. Actually, I’ve given up on the CSI franchise as a whole (because Sara and Grissom just never, ever should have happened. I refuse to acknowledge its existence.)

However, I’ve loved Gary Sinese since the Lt. Dan days. And he continues to be an amazing actor and activist.

The rest of the cast is filled with pretty, like Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill, and Carmine Giovinazzo. (Oh, Carmine– he was totally one of the avatars for a character in Between Here & Gone. I suspect he could do vintage sixties verra well.)

And my personal favorite, AJ Buckley, who plays Adam Ross, a lab tech who is like Spencer Reid’s slightly more hip distant cousin. Irish-born, Canadian-raised, and absolutely adorkable. And the eyes… guh. No, I don’t have a type, not at all.

Starting tomorrow, we will be at T- ONE WEEK from release! Finally. Lots of cool stuff going to be happening. I feel like I’m going to be all over the web with various interviews, so I’ll be keeping those who might be interested updated. There will also be some fun giveaways, since I was lucky enough to score signed books from some exceptionally talented and fabulous authors, including Carrie Ryan, Heather Davis, Inara Scott, Tera Lynn Childs, Holly Cupala, and Eileen Cook.

(I may have others, but I’ll keep those under wraps until they’re set in stone. Translation, I need to trap them and get them to sign the darned books. Stay tuned…)

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