Being Thankful

We’re still two days away from American Thanksgiving, but I’m going to celebrate early. Today’s finally the long-awaited (by me, at least) release day for Stars. Those of you who’ve been around a while know the sort of journey this book took (those of you who are newer readers, here’s a Reader’s Digest-like version). The fact that the release day is finally here is due, in part, to my own cussedness and stubborn nature, but I’d be a bald-faced liar if I didn’t say that I had an amazing support group behind me, propping me up and helping to shore up that cussedness when it threatened to overwhelm me.

So here are the people/groups to whom I am forever grateful:

BACKSPACE- A great organization of writers across the board. So much talent and so much support.

The teenlit Yahoo group- another great group.

My local RWA chapters- Greater Seattle and Eastside. I’m relatively new, yet you welcomed this Florida transplant and made me feel very much a part of the writing scene here in Seattle.

SCBWI/Western Washington and all of the great YA authors in the Seattle area. This is such an amazing place to be a creative person and you guys are constant proof of the richness of creativity.

The Tiaras: Serena, Erin, Shannon, and Cathy, you guys are seriously my saviors. The F2F time and laughter make being a writer fun.

The Peeners: Rude and bawdy and tell it like it is, you ladies are my reality check and make me laugh harder than I can even begin to imagine, even at the crap that should leave me in tears. Without you, I literally don’t know what I would have done this past year– especially the past six months. Y’all know exactly what I mean. Thank you.

The Werearmadillos. My oldest friends in this crazy insane industry. Michelle, Serena (twice, b/c she’s just that special), Marianne, Eileen, Cindy, and of course, Alesia, who, outside of my critique partner, is my longest standing and closest writing friend. There simply aren’t words to express what you all mean to me. You are the ones I can call at any time. Who understand in the unique crazy of the writer brain and the often stupid crazy of the publishing industry. There is no problem, great or small, that I don’t feel as if I can share with you lot– a rare, rare gift. Thank you so much.

My blinvisible (and not so blinvisible) friends, the lovely, darling Buffistas. I can’t begin to express what it means to be part of the best chosen family ever. Your depth of experiences, your compassion, your support, your love have meant the world to me.

To my birthday twin, Laura Anne Gilman- To me, you are the Gold Standard of what it means to be a professional. Not just a writer, but a professional. To call you a colleague is a privilege; to call you friend is a gift.

Alesia, I’m going to single you out again. Your friendship and support have been a lifeline the last few years. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived Florida and the ups and downs of the last few years without you right there, holding my hand, and assuring me that no, I wasn’t losing my mind… much. *g* I’m missing you and our early morning coffees like mad, but I know we’ll plan some sort of fabulous writer’s retreat to make up for it. Tequila Sunrises in Hawaii, maybe?

To my critique partner, Selah. Here we are, pet. More than ten years later and we haven’t killed each other yet. You know, there’s just not a lot to say here. You know how I feel.

Finally, my family. You all are proud of the writer, but you love the wife, daughter, mother, sister, & friend, no matter what happens to the writer. For that, I am forever grateful. I love you all.

Now go buy the book.

(Even when being heartfelt, I can’t resist being a smartass. I’m hopeless, really.)


8 thoughts on “Being Thankful

  1. *hugs* I’m SO happy for you on the release (and excellent reviews!) of Stars. I hope it’s all the sweeter for being so hard won. You have been my idol since you won that Rita!

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