Back home, Valentine’s, and Grammy Fashions… oh my.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

After a week in the wilds of New York, I’m thrilled to be home. Love visiting New York, love coming home. It was a great visit, introducing the Boy to the joys of the city, visiting with Lovely Agent, hanging out with , meeting , and generally having a FABULOUS time. Also, American Idiot is an absolutely slammin’ show and I am more in love with Billie Joe than ever before. Skinny little rocker boy just owned the stage.

So today is Valentine’s Day and true to form, the Hub got me the most perfect thing ever. No, no swan butt jewelry from Kay, but definitely much better. Custom M&Ms in varying shades of green with the phrases “Try not,” “Do or do not,” and “There is no try,” inscribed on them and housed in an old-fashioned gumball dispenser.

Yes, the Hub got me Yoda M&Ms.

Finally, the Grammy fashions. Y’all, I can’t even cope. I mean, trying to deconstruct some of these is like saying, “Wow, Helena Bonham Carter showed up in something wacky.” It just kind of is. Yes, Gaga showed up in an egg and her acceptance outfit had nipples and defined butt-cheeks. Rihanna wore something constructed of crumpled up tissue paper that looked like something my kid made for a Christmas project in kindergarten, and Nikki Minaj’s hair was probably housing an entire family of wombats. But it’s the Grammys. You sort of expect nothing less.

Jewel did look lovely and I found myself oddly fascinated by Nicole Kidman’s gown in that, “There’s no way that should work, but it somehow does.” I didn’t care for the ruffle across the top of the bodice, but I loved the colors and their graduated scale. It looked rather stunning with her skin tone and hair.

Oh, and Bieberbots who spammed Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page because you were stricken… stricken, I tell you, that your boy didn’t win Best New Artist?




Your boy showed some major class in how he dealt. Take a page out of his book. Oh, and you could maybe take a page out of Esperanza’s book too—she admitted to not being as familiar with some of her fellow nominees as she could be, but acknowledged that a) it’s just as tough to be commercially popular as it is to be popular with the music cognoscenti and b) that she’s going to make it a point to learn more about her fellow nominees.

Expanding horizons. What a novel idea.


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