Cabana Boys: Thursday TV edition, plus BONUS! Great review news!

Don’t worry, we’ll get to Da Boyz momentarily, but first I just wanted to give myself a hearty WOOOOOOT on another great review for STARS! This one’s over at the Latina Book Club and it’s just lovely! Any time I can start a Monday off with “knock you off your seat” as a review is a good one, in my book.

Go, check it out. There’s even an interview with me in which I come off coherent and passionate about my subject matter. Which, you know, I am.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled boyz.

So, Thursday night. For me, this starts out with Bones which means David Boreanaz. I’ve mentioned more than once that Davey didn’t do it for me when he portrayed Angel. Not sure why other than I was a die-hard Wesley and Giles girl, which tells you something about my particular proclivities.



David’s another one of those to whom age has been quite kind. Something about rounding 40 and the little bit of gray sprinkled through the hair and the lines at the corners of his eyes are just adding up to something very, very interesting. (Same thing with Clooney. I never got Clooney until Ocean’s Eleven, you know?)

However, my favorite on Bones isn’t Seeley, as adorable as he is. Nope, it’s Hodgins. (Come on, like you didn’t see that coming?) And producers? Please to be putting TJ Thyne in t-shirts more often.

John Francis Daley has come a long way from the Freaks and Geeks days, but he still looks like a baby. A very cute baby with adorable dimples, but a baby. Even with the facial scruff he sported at the beginning of the season. He’ll probably have that baby face into his forties.

And looky what I found! A pic of all the male squinterns! Ryan Cartwright, Michael Grant Terry, Pej Vahdat, Eugene Byrd, and Joel David Moore. (Michael Grant Terry’s Wendell is perhaps my favorite, but they all have their charms.)

Thursday also means The Mentalist. Which means, Simon Baker. Who plays a slightly sociopathic Patrick Jane just beautifully. And he’s so pretty.

Actually, all of the guys in this cast are pretty in their own way. Owain Yeoman and his slightly goofy take Wayne Rigsby, but when it comes down to it, a damn good cop and pretty fearless.

And my favorite in the cast (of course) Tim Kang as the dry, sarcastic, absolutely imperturbable Kendall Cho. Seriously, he spends most episodes with this air of puzzled amazement like, “Really? I work with these people why, again?”

Imagine my shock when I found a pic of Tim Kang smiling and discovered he had dimples! And teeth! Lookit what a cutie he is!

And finally, because he’s going to be guesting on this week’s episode and his character was so memorable the first time around and because he’s one of my favorite character actors, Currie Graham who plays irrepressible billionaire Walter. (And for the CM fans, who also played the equally memorable Viper in “52 Pickup.”)

Okay, done now. And yes, I know, my darlings, that Fringe and Vampire Diaries are on Thursday nights as well. I’m starting with shows I watch, then I’ll start back over with shows I don’t watch, then maybe move on to cable shows… shows cancelled too soon… classic shows… I can keep this going indefinitely. ::nods::

Cabana Boy Monday: Tuesday TV edition

Keeping on with the theme established (and supported last week) of dedicating a television day of the week for the Boys, so today is Tuesday and that means…


Oh yes, indeedy. The boyz from GLEE are very nice to look at and across such a wide spectrum. First there’s Matthew Morrison. We all know how I feel about cuties who are multi-talented and he definitely fits the bill:

Then, there’s his new competition for Emma’s heart, played by the formerly adorable, always smokin’ John Stamos. Now, as cute as John was during his mullet days:

I think he’s definitely improved with age. Like a fine, fine wine:

The rest of the cast offers quite a bit of pretty as well, starting with the adorable, angsty woobie, Mark Salling:

To Cory Monteith, who’s got that wholesome thing going for him. (I know a lot of people have the hate on for Finn, but I think Cory’s adorable.)

Mike Chang sings! (sort of) And we know he dances like a mad fool. And Harry Shum, Jr. is just completely engaging in his portrayal.

Most people don glasses to look a bit older/more mature, but Kevin McHale actually looks older without his signature specs. And kind of reminds me a bit of John Francis Daley.

And while Chris Colfer is but a wee one and has that fresh-faced persona, this picture that appeared in Rolling Stone brought to mind a young, beautiful, broody James Dean and boy, was that surprising! (Not to mention, his voice makes me think Inappropriate Things. Let us say no more.)

Much as one might believe it, though, GLEE is not my only Tuesday night show. Nope, with my weakness for police procedurals and Michael Imperioli, I’ve been watching Detroit 187. Because, you know, Michael Imperioli is absolutely brilliant as a twitchy, eccentric homicide detective. (Not to mention, Imperioli’s just plain brilliant—a phenomenal writer as well as an actor. He’s just totally cool in my book.)

And poor Jon Michael Hill’s character, having to cope with Imperioli’s Fitch and a crazy-possessive wife. He often has this trapped rabbit expression going on, poor noodle.

And my last one for the day, promise, is D.J. Catrona, playing a former undercover narc turned homicide detective. He’s got a lovely, exotic look to him that puts me in mind of Michael Weiss from The Pretender (oh, how I loved that show!).

Okay. That’s it for today. And next week… Wednesday Boyz! (I know some of y’all know what I’m looking forward to!)

The Return of the Cabana Boy

Because I’m just so giddy with relief that I finally finished this sucker, I wanted to look at some pretties.

And it’s Monday night! Pretties abound!

Like Zachary Levi!

Or Nathan Fillion…

Funny discussion with a friend last week. We were discussing who current Beta heroes were in popular television (Since I love Betas with a mad passion) and she said Richard Castle, definitely. Which, yeah… but what cracked me up was she said, “I love Nathan Fillion, but Castle does nothing for me, whereas as Captain Tightpants, mmmm…” To which I replied, “And see, Captain Tightpants did nothing for me in the RAWR dept, whereas I could take Castle out behind the woodshed and do baaaaaad things to him.”

Same outward package, but the character is the difference. I actually think there’s the making for an interesting writing workshop there.

Anyhow, Cabana Boys. Yes. Moving on.

Oooh, and Monday nights now also mean the remade Hawaii Five-O which is just cracktastic pretty fun. I mean, look at this cast! Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan, and in the girl crush category, Grace Park, who rocks the house as Kono.

Bonus! Waterlogged Alex!

And that’s just Mondays! (That’s how I should resurrect the Cabana Boys. Feature one night of television each week. Like underwear.)