The Return of the Cabana Boy

Because I’m just so giddy with relief that I finally finished this sucker, I wanted to look at some pretties.

And it’s Monday night! Pretties abound!

Like Zachary Levi!

Or Nathan Fillion…

Funny discussion with a friend last week. We were discussing who current Beta heroes were in popular television (Since I love Betas with a mad passion) and she said Richard Castle, definitely. Which, yeah… but what cracked me up was she said, “I love Nathan Fillion, but Castle does nothing for me, whereas as Captain Tightpants, mmmm…” To which I replied, “And see, Captain Tightpants did nothing for me in the RAWR dept, whereas I could take Castle out behind the woodshed and do baaaaaad things to him.”

Same outward package, but the character is the difference. I actually think there’s the making for an interesting writing workshop there.

Anyhow, Cabana Boys. Yes. Moving on.

Oooh, and Monday nights now also mean the remade Hawaii Five-O which is just cracktastic pretty fun. I mean, look at this cast! Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan, and in the girl crush category, Grace Park, who rocks the house as Kono.

Bonus! Waterlogged Alex!

And that’s just Mondays! (That’s how I should resurrect the Cabana Boys. Feature one night of television each week. Like underwear.)

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