Cabana Boys- Wednesday TV edition!

Oh boy, have I been waiting for this one. Because I am cheap and easy that way.

Because my Wednesday nights are all about Criminal Minds. Yes, I loves me some procedurals and this one hits all my buttons in that it’s more about the mind than the gore. And have you seen the cast?

Starting with the head guy in charge, Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner. So, so broken inside. And what we (meaning those of us who dissect the show on a weekly basis) have decided is that Thomas Gibson was very pretty as a young man (ala Tales of the City and Dharma and Greg) but age has definitely brought out the best in him.

Shemar Moore, OTOH, is just flat out pretty. A, really-that-borders-on-massively-wrong, kind of pretty. With very expressive eyebrows.

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