The music that inspired Stars

No, not that music. Although, yes, I did listen to the orchestral score for Carmen quite a bit as well, but what I’m talking about is the custom-created playlists without which I cannot start any project. By the time I come to the end of a project, I can have as many as three or four playlists wandering around, but I always start with one and it’s my old faithful, as it were. That doesn’t mean it’s a static thing. Nope, my playlists are ever-evolving as I come across new music or old favorites that all of a sudden seem like they’re absolutely perfect for a scene or emotion I’m trying to evoke.

So, with that in mind, here’s the primary playlist for Stars.

Heat Wave- Joan Osborne
She’s a Beauty- The Tubes
Amor Gitano- Alejandro Fernández & Beyoncé
It’s Amazing- Jem
Breathe In Breathe Out- Matt Kearney
You Give Me Something- James Morrison
Extraordinary Girl- Green Day
Believe- Lenny Kravitz
Eres- Alejandro Fernández
Come me mira- Fonseca
El Tango de Roxanne- Moulin Rouge Soundtrack (NOTE: This was probably the single most important song on the soundtrack. Everything stemmed from this one piece of music.)
Hazy Shade of Winter- The Bangles
Please Don’t Leave Me- Pink
Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap
Love is a Losing Game- Amy Winehouse
Cinderella Beautiful- Peter Cincotti
Time is a Healer- Eva Cassidy
Quiéreme- Alejandro Fernández
Gravity- Sara Bareilles
Wishing on Another Lucky Star- J.D. Souther
I’ll Be Waiting- Lenny Kravitz
Paso a Paso (Alternate Version)- Luis Fonsi
By the Boab Tree- Ophelia of the Spirits
Sueños- Nelly Furtado & Alejandro Fernández
When the Stars Go Blue- The Corrs feat. Bono
My Heart Was Home Again- Josh Groban

So there you have it. Eclectic, kind of all over the place, because that’s just sort of how I roll. Any questions on any of the songs and why I chose them, fire away. And as always, if you have any suggestions for me, feel free to shout out—I’m always on the lookout for new music.

One thought on “The music that inspired Stars

  1. This song is AMAZING, I have to say Lady Gaga sings great songs but they put out her average songs out in the piublc. This one for one is pretty great yet it’s not piublc for most people which might annoy the hell out of people who like this song or some other songs waiting to be discovered by little people.

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