My ever-evolving dorkiness

You know, I was working up a good head of steam for a righteous post about the whole gender-bias in publishing thing that Will Not Die (nor should it, really) but found I just couldn’t summon the energy, so perhaps it’s best saved for another day. (Just so you know, it had to do with whether writers with advanced degrees in writing are taken more seriously than those of us who slog along, blissfully oblivious.)

Instead, I’m going to natter about a new discovery. While I was piddling about the ‘net yesterday, I came across a stunningly beautiful version of “Gravity” by the UCLA Awaken a cappella group with then-member Sara Bareilles singing lead on her composition. How cool is that, really? Well, it’s cool to me. I love a cappella groups (remember—unabashed GLEE groupie and show choir geek). I’ve always had a huge soft spot for groups like The Manhattan Transfer and The Nylons—groups who can create an almost orchestral sound using nothing but their voices as instruments.

But I digress. “Gravity” was probably my favorite song off Sara’s “Little Voice” CD and was an integral part of the soundtrack I used in writing STARS and this version is just sublime. Ethereal, with the vocals swelling and receding like ocean waves. Here, take a listen. UCLA Awaken A Cappella \"Gravity\"

And in the process of poking around, discovering that there are actual CDs comprised of collegiate a cappella groups, I also discovered that the University of Buffalo’s all-male a cappella group (The Buffalo Chips- how awesome is that?) recorded Coldplays Viva la Vida. I now have some idea of what it would sound like, were GLEE to take it on. (Yes, I also found a recording of University of North Carolina performing “Don’t Stop Believing” from 2008 that had some similarities, so I suspect I’m not the only one listening to these recordings, capisce?)

Hey, at least I own my dorkitude. I live it, baby.

I’ma go off to sing some more, kthnxbai.

3 thoughts on “My ever-evolving dorkiness

    • Yeah, but there’s just so much by MT one could post. Ray’s Rockhouse? Java Jive? The 1983 performance of “How High the Moon” with the incomparable Ella joining in and scatting her damned heart out?

      The list goes on and on, my friend.

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