The ups and downs of an exercise regime

The good news: After my various health problems of the last couple of years, I’ve finally been able to return to power yoga.

The bad news: It ain’t easy and some days, it’s hard to get the motivation going.

The good news: My family loves me and gave me an unlimited membership to a nearby yoga studio for my birthday, so I can go whenever the spirit moves.

The bad news: Trying to get the spirt (and subsequently) the body to, yanno, move.

The good news: I’ve been moving. I’ve been going to one class a week for the past six weeks or so and yesterday, actually went to my second class in a week. (Ultimate goal is three classes a week.)

The bad news: My body really, really hates me this morning.

I mean, really hates me this morning.

But I’m doing it, doggone it.

Being a responsible, healthy adult is so wearying.

But in the end, I know my writing will benefit because if there’s one thing yoga does, is free my normally crazy/busy mind. Many a plot tangle has been unraveled during a downward dog.

Let’s hear it for yoga!


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