Seattle area folks- event tonight!

Tonight I’m participating in my first area event as a Seattle author (hee! I love saying that!) by appearing with 21 other area authors at the SCBWI Western Washington Inside Story.

Inside Story is a twice-a-year party sponsored by SCBWI Western Washington and held at a participating bookstore, in this case, we’re going to be at Park Place Books in Kirkland, and we’ll be talking about the stories behind our stories in front of a lot of librarians, booksellers, and media. Each author is expected to talk for about three minutes about their books and the inspiration behind them and tell a little bit about themselves.


Oy vey.

I have to talk about myself.

For nearly three minutes.

Oy vey.

This is going to be interesting, y’all. I can talk about most anything, but talking about myself? Always an adventure. I never know exactly what to say and I’m always a’feared that I’m going to come off as some big naif. Anyhow, should you happen to be in the neighborhood or feel so inclined to show up, the event begins at 6:30 p.m. at Parkplace Books, 348 Parkplace Center, Kirkland.

And if you can’t make it, don’t sweat it– I have big plans that I’m hoping to be able to share soon.

If I don’t have a nervous breakdown first.

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