A Holiday Freebie, from me, to you!

In honor of the holidays and because I’ve been entirely too quiet of late (sorry about that!) I decided to resurrect a holiday story I posted several years back as part of a holiday blog tour. It’s been revised a bit and converted to a PDF so those of you who are so inclined can download it for reading on your favorite device. Or just read it on your computer, whatever floats your boat.

Mila and Adam, the stars of the little tale, are both chefs. This story was huge fun to write since I got to use my favorite friends-to-lovers trope, plus incorporate my love of cooking with every excessive tradition I remember from holiday celebrations growing up in a large Cuban family in Miami. Each thing mentioned in the story—the pistols at midnight, the sparklers in a cake, the relatives who worry that you’re going to wind up an old maid, the food—oh boy, the food—that’s all from my childhood. It’s a wonder I turned out as normal as I did.

BONUS: If you retweet with the hashtag #SWEETFINISH by New Year’s Eve, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a signed copy my award-winning young adult novel, WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE.

So, without further ado, Sweet Finish: A slightly silly, somewhat sweet story of two best friends who really, should always have known better.

But then, isn’t that how it always goes?


Sweet Finish

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